Friday, April 3, 2009

My Hot Mama

After some catfish and rum punch, my mom, sister (MOH), and my mom's friend went to check out Michael Shane Bridal, located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. This shopping experience was so much better than the previous shopping experience we had on the hunt for a Mother of the Bride dress. Previously we checked out Lord & Taylor's, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macy's.

Here's a question I need to pose to designers. Why do mother of the bride dresses have to look so matronly? Luckily going to a bridal store had much better options than the large department stores. My mom tried on bridesmaid dresses. Let me tell you about my mom, most of my life people have asked me if she was my older sister. She's young and she's hot. So, yes, I want my mom to look hot. She has great legs and I think she should show them off. Her friends keep telling her that as the mother of the bride she should wear a gown. Rules, schmules. Tradition, schmadition. I could care less! At Michael Shane my mom tried on about 10 dresses and we found so many we loved. There were two she liked that I took out of the running because they looked similar to the dress that Mr. J's best woman is going to wear.

I'm glad that's finally done!

Other things that were accomplished: I drew our stick figures and scanned them in so that Mr. J could design them. Once we settled on stick figures it was important to me that we drew them because the stick figure invitations I saw had blonde brides or straight haired brides. I wanted our stick figures to look like us, I drew an image of the day we met when I had my cute afro puff, and then for the inside an image of us as the bride and groom with my current locked style. It's really cute. This weekend Mr. J will finish up, we'll do a test print next week and full print towards the end of the week. We're heading over to my friend's house to do the cutting because she has one of those industrial paper cutty thingys.

I started our registration. We've been SO BEHIND on registering and it's harder than I thought. I started with Target, I had fun adding board games to our registry. Can't wait to get Scrabble and Taboo. I wonder if other brides register for board games. Ha.

Wedding band shopping next Friday. That's all I can think of right now. Say Yes to the Dress is about to come on, so I have to go watch my wedding porn.

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