Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I wish I could type more!

I'm a writer professionally and personally--which means I usually spend a minimum of 14 hours on the computer a day (was probably more over the past two years with me doing an MFA degree). All of these hours mean: carpal tunnel and something called ulnar nerve neuropathy. So I can't type as much as I want to.

The hubby and I are doing great! He's taking me to Disney for my 32nd birthday (I've never been). And we'll get to spend time with my best friend and her hubby (they were married 6 months before us). His birthday just passed and we had a Mojito & Empanada party with leftover rum from our wedding. Yum.

I found the coolest thing today on Etsy that I wanted to share with you guys. These are custom fingerprint rings (they make pendants, too) from the Fabuluster shop by Brent & Jessica Williams. Seriously, awesome. Great wedding bands, but we have great ones already. And we both wear rings on our right hands that were gifts from the other. Maybe an anniversary gift?

via Fabuluster at Etsy