Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a Flip-Flopper

via dollar days

Our dance floor is concrete. I know that I have danced through the pain when I've been at weddings. Instead of having my guests be in pain, I wanted to do the flip-flop basket and I wanted to do it cheap. I found a number of places on-line that were way too expensive, though very beautiful, you could get flip-flops in your wedding colors, with your date printed on them, etc. Old Navy had a $1 flip-flop sale, but customers are limited to 5 per purchase. I did not want to travel around to all the Old Navy's in the City to get flip-flops. I found a wholesale store online and ordered women's flip flops in assorted sizes and colors, about 75 pairs of flip-flops. It will probably be more than enough, but I wanted to make sure that all the ladies are covered and can dance the night away. And all our guests who are coming to the after party can continue to dance well into the night in comfort.

Monday, May 25, 2009

75 days...

And I am way ahead of The Knot's check list.

More to come soon. Working on the guest book/box. Will take pictures and show you guys soon. We've been getting RSVPs and we're getting pretty excited (and a bit stressed). On Saturday morning I sat Mr. J down and showed him our wedding expenses in an Excel spreadsheet and it was a total downer for him...but he needs to know how much we are spending!

My bridal shower is in three weeks! I'm excited to see my best friend from college and my best friend from high school who will be in town for the weekend. I scheduled my first fitting for the day after the shower so that they could come with me and do some weddingy stuff together. I don't know how we'll make the noon appointment since they are taking me out for a bachelorette party that night, too.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Frog Prince :)

I've been wanting cute, non-blurry pics of my ring--and thanks to a tutorial by Anne Ruthmann titled "How to Take Amazing Engagement and Wedding Ring Photos" on Wedding Bee. Here are my first attempts with some of my little figurines that normally reside on our bookcases. The frog prince I've had since college so he's got a few scuff marks and the troll was a gift from my mom from a year or two ago.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner Location, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Today Mr. J secured our spot for the rehearsal dinner. I'm excited. It's not a traditional space for a rehearsal dinner--but then again, we're not traditional. We are having it at the South Oxford Space in Fort Greene (just blocks away from where we first met). I've been to the space for dance/musical performances, they also host a number of creative events, luncheons, and cocktail parties, as well as rehearsal space for the art world.

We can't rehearse at Akwaaba because there is a wedding the evening before ours--so we needed to find a space with enough room to do a full rehearsal, but also sit down to have dinner. As you all know, New York City can be very expensive, especially to have 30 people for drinks and dinner. We looked at restaurants and it was a bit pricey--and we wouldn't be able to rehearse. Mr. J's mother is graciously paying for the rental of the space. We can go in and set up for an hour to make things look pretty, they've got tables and chairs, we'll bring in our own food and probably use sternos to keep it warm. We'll also bring in our own drinks. We'll do set-up from 6-6:45 p.m., rehearsal from 7-8 p.m., dinner, toasts, bridal party gifts from 8;10:30 p.m., and clean-up until 11 p.m.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lounge Lizards

Originally I didn't want a wedding. I wanted to go to the courthouse and then throw a big party for our family and friends...but Mr. J wasn't hearing that. He wanted the wedding. Of course it didn't take much convincing, I said let's go for it. But I didn't want to have tables with assigned seating--I wanted a party. So, we have our cocktail reception. We're having 12 cocktail tables and two small lounge areas, much like the first picture I posted. We're renting with Taylor Creative Props in New York City and are setting it up very similarly, though instead of the square coffee table they have in the photo with the two white benches, we'll be using the round coffee tables from the bottom photo. I love how classy and simplistic this looks. Each coffee table will also have the same centerpiece as the cocktail tables. I like the idea of the bamboo rug below, it would totally match the bamboo mats that are part of our centerpieces, but it's not that serious and that is not in the budget.

The furniture rentals were more than we thought they'd be--but Taylor Creative was the least expensive place I found with the furniture we wanted. I can't wait to see it all put together!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Invitations are out!

Hooray! We got our invites out before the increase in stamps. The increase wouldn't make that much of a difference in our budget, but saving money is saving money. A couple of issues came up with the invitations:
  • We printed them ourselves. Letterpress would have been much better for our invites because the ink would have stayed on the paper better. Ours didn't--don't worry everyone got invites they can read, haha--we just had to be really careful when making them so as not to rub the ink off. They still look cute, not awesome, but cute. I have pictures but I have to figure out to put a little black bar over our contact information. Once I figure that out, I will post them.
  • Sealing our envelopes was a little weird. I didn't want to lick them all, but I tried the sponge method and it practically wiped off the adhesive. So, licking it was. I left a Facebook comment to all my friends saying I hope I don't die like Susan, George Costanza's fiancee who died from licking her invitation envelopes. Classic Seinfeld. We worked it out.
  • We wrote the addresses out with a silver glitter pen. So, some of the envelopes got a little smudged. I even smudged the President's envelope a little.
And you know what? I don't even care. I'm just so excited that they are finally done and in the mail! It's all coming together. Hooray!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Last 100 Days

There's all this talk about President Obama's first 100 days, but can we talk about ME and my last (less than 100 days)?

I feel like I should make some promises:
  • I vow not to become a bridezilla as things get a bit more hectic in these coming months (like being in LA for two weeks for school at the end of June--hello that is vital wedding planning time!)
  • I vow to exercise daily (for my 31st bday I promised myself to do an hour of cardio a day)
  • I vow to eat right, but give myself rewards every now and again
  • I vow to ask for help!!!!
Invitations go out this week before the post office raises the rates. Mr. J has to finish addressing his invites (we did it separately, even though I offered to address them all because I've got skillz). He says he'll finish them tonight. He better.

I found out three people from my side can't come--my cousins who live in Atlanta and my bridesmaid's girlfriend--these are all people we want to be there on that day, but understand the circumstances. I've had to switch out some envelopes, so it's a good thing we bought an extra box.

I'm curious as to how many people will actually be there to witness our day. I'm getting more excited about it, especially now that we are in the two-digit numbers.

Friday was my birthday! Hooray! Mr. J surprised me with sapphire earrings and a matching necklace :) Very pretty and they complement my engagement ring. Which reminds me I need to buy his wedding band. We're also going to a day spa for a full day of pampering. He said he had to step up his gifts from boyfriend gifts to husband gifts. I like his way of thinking :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Black Love in the New York Times

I had to post this article here--not only is it a sweet story about a couple falling madly in love, it also features my friend/former co-worker. Ain't love grand?