Friday, April 3, 2009

Frappuccino Centerpieces

I love it when an idea happens organically. Mr. J and I were out shopping and picked up some snacks from Duane Reade (like CVS but only in NYC). I picked up one of these tasty treats (although I shouldn't be drinking these because I have weight to lose for the wedding). I like to peel labels off of bottles, it's just something I do. After peeling the label I looked at the bottle, looked at Mr. J and said, "How about these instead of mason jars?" It looks like a small milk bottle with the label peeled off. He likey. He really likey.

So now I have an actual reason to drink my frapps. I'll just start walking up the stairs at work, that should do the trick.

While looking for a photo of the bottle I learned that I am not brilliant. Apparently other people have thought of similar uses for these cute little bottles. I guess I can still be brilliant. Great minds think alike, right?

A recap, we are having cocktail tables and a couple of coffee tables for the reception. My friends and I are going to sew square mats for the center of the tables that match our colors (purple and blue), on top of the mats will be a framed wedding photos of our favorite couples (friends & family), a small stack of books wrapped in ribbon (for our mutual love of literature), and a small glass vase with lavender.

I'm officially over eloping. I've calmed down. I can't wait to marry my man in front of my family and friends.

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