Saturday, April 25, 2009

Akwaaba means "Welcome," Come on in!

This is more of Akwaaba, which means "Welcome" in the Akan language of Ghana. We had our walk-through with the caterer and I took some more pictures.

Sun porch, I'm expecting all the old folks to hang here.

This is the courtyard--now imagine it decorated, it's pretty raw
right now except for the wonderful trees.

This picture is from the summer, so you'll see
how the trees bloom with leaves
providing full shade.


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Me likey that sun porch!

Who is Chay$theGreat? said...

I just walked by there thinking of how much I love that space...glad that's where the nuptials are!


One Bride with Broom said...

oh! I love these pictures! What a beautiful place to get married. I can't wait to see your day of photos, they're going to be gorgeous!!

Sals said...

Nice photos. I'm getting married there in October. I don't want to do a tent either but I'm afraid of the rain. I would love to have the ceremony inside but I think I have too many people. Are you having yours inside our out?

futuremrsj said...

I have too many people to get married inside. We're getting married outside, using the inside ballroom for the "cocktail hour" where our band's going to play (and everyone will stand for that part) and then back outside for the reception. We're not going to decide on a tent until a few weeks before. I'm praying it won't rain.