Sunday, April 19, 2009

111 days to go!

We've come so far! And we've done a lot in the past two weeks:
  • We wrote our ceremony script and met with our officiant (friend) so that he could fill in the ad-libbed parts. It's going to be awesome and people are going to cry :)
  • We met with our caterer for a walk-through of our space and I feel more assured and less worried about how the actual day is going to go. (Still praying for no rain, I really don't want to have to get a tent).
  • All the paper is cut for our invitations thanks to Mr. J who spent 5 hours using the cutter, the next day he was sore!
  • Guest book is in the works--I'm using library pockets and cards glued into a nice album, it's going to be "The Book of Love" and we'll say something like "Check out The Book of Love," tee hee, get it? Check Out, get it? Because of the library, book thing...ok I think you get it.
  • We received the fan sticks to make the paper fans for every guest.
  • Invitation party is next Saturday and the invites will go out the first week of May to beat the postal hike.
  • OHHHH, Mr. J and I went to get my wedding band. Love it! Mr. J's ring is in the works, he likes simple things, so he's going with a Tungsten band--it's going to be pretty inexpensive.
  • All of my bridesmaids officially have their dresses! Well, 3 of them have them in hand and the other one, one of maids of honor, just bought hers this weekend.
  • Ordered the Cupcake Tree to hold our cupcakes
  • Ordered the bamboo mats from Bed, Bath, and Beyond that we are using underneath the centerpieces.
I need to post pics of my wedding band, the bridesmaid dresses, the cupcake tree, the guestbook...and I will just as soon as I stop being lazy about finding the USB cord for the camera.

This is totally NOT wedding related but I had a great day at my cousin's christening today, besides seeing his cute little butterball self in his little outfit, but David Dinkins was there and then at the steakhouse we went to afterwards, Harry Belafonte was there (although he looked really old and it made me a little sad) and someone told me I look like Kerry Washington. Good Sunday!

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