Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bridal Shower Photos

I was in LA for school for 10 days so I neglected the blog for a bit. We are at 34 days until the wedding, I can't believe it. There are still tons of little things to do which I'll talk about in another post.

My bridal shower was held at my friend's parents' home in Brooklyn. The menu was fried chicken (it went so fast it was so yummy), macaroni salad, rice and peas, mini-rolls, and regular salad. It was catered by a friend of my mother's. We played a couple of games, one where I filled out a questionnaire and whoever got the most correct answers for how well do you know me, won. My oldest friend--we went to elementary and high school together--won. The other was a quiz that Mr. J answered, all of the guests had to write down how many they thought I'd get right. I did horribly at that game and as you'll see from the picture below--I had to take a shot out of a cup shaped like a boob every time I got a question wrong. There was a "Book Fair" where books for different parts of my life were given, it was awesome! There was also a burlesque performance, lots of eating, jokes, and an all around good time had by all.

Here are some pics from my awesome bridal shower:

Me and my lovely bridesmaids

My beautiful cake!

My awesome bridal shower invitation!

They made me drink wine from a booby cup whenever I got answers wrong!

This was part of the Book Fair--my own personal Sex Bible :)


J.BRIDE said...

It looks like you had a great time - that menu has my mouth watering

futuremrsj said...

yeah, it was awesome. thinking about doing the same menu for the rehearsal dinner.

The Bridal BFF said...

Thanks for looks like good times were had by all! 34 days to go girlie!!!! ;)

Myra said...

Geez, you're so lucky to have such GREAT bridesmaids. what did you ever do to deserve them? LOL

Sherisa of L'élephant Rose said...

haha looks like you had an AWESOME time! :) so excited for you hun!! xoxo