Tuesday, July 7, 2009

14 pounds!

Oh how I wish I could report that I lost 14 pounds. I really wish I could. My best friend keeps telling me that I'm going to lose weight as it gets closer to the wedding because of stress--and I keep telling her that I EAT when I'm stressed. I've gained 14 pounds since being the maid of honor in her wedding this past February.


The upside to the scale going up these past months is that my dress (which my mom bought for me in December) was too big for me. I normally wear a size 12 dress if it's form-fitting and a size 8 dress if flares at the hips. These hips do not lie (ok that was cheesy). So the dress is a size 14. I had my first fitting three weeks ago and the seamstress pinned it a lot, thanks to me being a size 8 on top. So this means that my extra 14 pounds fits the dress, I just can't gain any more weight.

The downside is that I feel like crap. I've been avoiding the scale because I knew it would show me something I didn't want to see, but could feel when I'm walking up the stairs. So, no more! I am not going on a diet, but I am going to eat better, Mr. J and I have been slacking on grocery shopping which means we eat out a lot more than we should. When I cook at home, it's usually healthy. Must buy groceries. And I'm going back to my daily yoga routine. I'm not going to try to lose the 14 pounds until after the wedding, but I'll get started and maybe lose a few that won't affect the dress.


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Good Luck! I just tried my first Yoga class last week and I am surprised that I enjoyed it.

I never understood the logistics of how just stretching can help me lose pounds...but whatever works!

You will look great! Your approach is healthy though...do what you can now and it will fall into place.

Good Luck!

The Bridal BFF said...

Good luck with the weight loss...I just started walking yesterday...LOL! Me and conventional methods of exercising DON'T get along, but yoga sounds like it would be both relaxing and beneficial to trying to loss the weight. Keep us posted on your progress girlie!

futuremrsj said...

thanks, ladies!
@god'sfavoriteshoes--i don't expect to lose weight (maybe a couple of lbs) with yoga, but usually once i get consistent with doing yoga, it relaxes me and makes me take a better look at myself and want to eat right, etc. it's that whole mind-body connection thing.