Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's a Family Affair

Check this video out!

Brazz Tree is amazing. I love this video, I've loved their music since I first started going to see them and Mr. J loves them, too. But not only do we love their music, we love them! One half of Brazz Tree is our lovely and talented friend Mazz. Mazz will be playing our ceremony music and I've left her with creative control for the music, the only instructions I've given her is I want different and more dramatic music played for me. I trust her, seriously, this woman has skills on the violin. Her husband is our officiant! Brazz Tree will be playing a few selections during our "cocktail hour" (it's not really a cocktail hour since our whole reception is a cocktail reception, but we need time to reset the outside after the ceremony). Mr. J and I want to take our pictures before the ceremony because we don't want to miss their performance! We'll probably take a few right after, but we're going to make it snappy.

The lovely belly dancer in the video is Oya aka Allisyn (Mazz's sister) and the man behind the camera who shot the video is Jake. Allisyn and Jake are introducing Mr. J and I for the first time as a couple during the reception. So you see--we like to keep it in the family.

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