Thursday, March 12, 2009

5 Month Freakout!!!

I got a message from The Knot this week informing me that I have 5 months until I tie that knot.


There's still so much to do!

Here's what we have done:
Ceremony and Reception Location (Akwaaba Mansion)
Caterer (The Fork Goes on the Left)
Ceremony and "Cocktail Hour" Music
Bridesmaids Dresses (except for one person)
Wedding Dress
Bought the paper for DIY Invitations
Guest list
Wedding website
Cupcakes for wedding cake (Wendy's Cake Art)
Picked out our favors
Picked out flowers for bouquets, bouts & decorations

What we need to do: (in no particular order)
Find a rehearsal dinner location
Put the invitations together
Purchase the wine
Order Groom and Groomsmen Attire
Ring bearer and Flower girls attire
Stuff our engagement photos into our favors
Pick out gifts for Bridal Party
Get engagement photo book made
Walk-through of space with caterer
Find an after-party location
Find an after-party dress!
Find purple shoes!!!! (this should be at the top of the list!)
Rent lounge furniture
Look into tents
Buy mason jars for centerpieces
Get photos of all our friends/family who are married for centerpiece frames
Buy LED lights
Make garland for tree we are getting married in front of
Hotels for guests
Buy wedding bands

WOW--so much to do, so little time. I also have all my stuff due for grad school and I'll be away for two weeks in June. BUT LUCKILY--Mr. J is a teacher, so when school is out at the end of June--he will be available to 24/7 during crunch time, which is awesome. Right after we got engaged he was still out on summer vacation so he did a lot of the initial legwork, scouting locations, etc. He'll also be home to receive all the packages I know we are sure to be getting because we will be ordering stuff online.

I am totally freaking out. My best friend is telling me not to. But, yes...I am TOTALLY freaking out. So happy to be marrying Mr. J, but AAAAAAAAAAAHHH, there is so much to do.

Okay, time for a late night brownie.

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