Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tattoo Cover-ups?

At the beach displaying my ink

I love my tattoos. And for this reason I was a little offended when I was watching my weekly installment of We Go Bridal Night on WE-TV. It was the show "My Fair Wedding" with David Tutera. I'll admit I love this show and I love what David does, it's no wonder he's a celebrity event planner. BUT. I did not like the way he reacted when he saw Mandy's tattoos. He eventually had an airbrush artist come cover up her tattoos for the ceremony and then take the airbrush off for the reception.

If she wanted to cover up her tattoos, then so be it. But he acted like he never saw a bride with tattoos before and like it was the most horrible thing in the world for a bride to walk down the aisle with tattoos. I originally planned to have a strapless wedding dress, and though I do have that style dress, it also came with a little lace bolero jacket. I may or may not wear it to walk down the aisle...but only because it came with the whole ensemble. Though I may write the whole bit of lace off because the jacket is too big for me and that would mean more alterations on top of the wedding dress. So, my tattoos will most likely be displayed for all to see on my wedding day, just like they were the night of our engagement party. I'm trying to imagine the faces as they watch my back while I say my vows. Lots of people don't know about the large tattoos on my back, but they are a part of me and this bride is going to have her fair wedding with plenty of ink on display.

What do you think? Would you cover your tattoo on your wedding day? Would you make your bridesmaids cover their tattoos?

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Anonymous said...

I am a Black bride-to-be and I love that YOU love your tats. But I don't have any, nor does my husband to be, so we don't have to worry about covering them up. However, I do have people in my bridal party who have them and, in truth, I never thought about asking them to cover them up until I read your blog. What I have requested is that everyone be uniform in what they're wearing. The bridesmaids will wear a particular dress, the groomsmen will wear a particular tux, and even the ushers will wear a tux (although that was my dad's idea, not mine). I don't know if the imposed uniformity will cover the tats of my party, but I think I'm mostly concerned about the overall look, not whatever tat may "ink" out. :) (OK, terrible pun, sorry)

Thanks for making me think about this ... and realize I don't really care what ink my party shows.

mizmazz said...

Girl, I bought a dress that would go well WITH my tatt. I say LET IT BE SEEN!!!

The Bridal BFF said...

I just did a post on how to handle bridesmaids with tattoos. It really is a personal choice and it all depends on how comfortable the bride is about it. If you are not concerned with it, then let them be exposed! It was a great read and thanks for sharing!