Monday, January 26, 2009

The Most Awesomest Awesome Caterer Ever

I know the title of this particular blog is not grammatically correct but I am so friggin excited about our awesome caterer Mellanee Harvin of The Fork Goes On the Left. (Check out her site!) Mr. J, my mom, mom's boyfriend, and I visited with Mellanee on Saturday for a tasting of the menu we had agreed on.

For our cocktail hour we are having cheese, crackers, fruit, and a signature drink. After this the guests will go back out into the courtyard for an amazing cocktail reception. The passed h'or deurves are: buttermilk fried chicken skewers, catfish fingers with remoulade sauce, mini crab cakes with chipotle mayo, and caramelized onion and smoked gouda quesadillas. Mellanee began the tasting with the crab cakes and I ate most of them, I wish I could describe how they tasted in words...hmmm maybe orgasmic? Next were the fried chicken skewers. These were so good that Mr. J said that if I wanted to ensure that our relationship will last a lifetime then I need to learn how to make fried chicken like that. The quesadillas were also amazing. The only one we didn't taste were the catfish fingers, but believe me at the time we didn't miss them we were sooo stuffed.

Next came the salad, dinner rolls, and then the three different pastas we'll have available for the buffet dinner. Pasta with salmon in a cajun cream sauce, pasta bolognese, and pasta with pesto and summer vegetables. I loved them all but my favorite is the salmon, Mr. J's favorite is the the pasta with the meat sauce. Can I tell you the best part about all of this? She gave us tupperware with the remaining pasta to take home. We devoured that over the weekend.

Our guests are going to be nice and fed and in foodie heaven.

My mom asked us to move the wedding date up so that she can have Mellanee's food sooner. I wish.

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