Wednesday, January 21, 2009

THE Poster Couple...

via the telegraph

Man, this should have been my first post. I remember the first time I saw Michelle Obama on stage, I thought, "Damn, there's gonna be a sister with a booty in the White House." That may not seem like a big thing, but as a sister with a booty, this is a BIG thing :)

I voted for Barack Obama, but here's why I really love this man: he stands up for fatherhood, especially black fathers being in their children's lives (Go hide in a corner now, Jesse Jackson) and always gives Michelle a shout out. I love watching them together. I'm sure there are so many Black women out there who look at this couple and don't just see the change for the country, they see hope for themselves. "Hmmm let me go find my Barry-boo right now!" they're thinking.

Mr. J is my President and I'm his First Lady.

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Anisah said...

I love them, too. I finally understand how people became so wrapped up in the Kennedy family.

Great blog...and the bb in bk looks like a great location. Btw, i'm learning how to crochet, so let me know if you need doilies for the