Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Fan Dance

No, not that fan dance. (But if you want to know more about the Burlesque Fan Dance I can help you out with that one. Oh, that's a story for another blog :)

My biceps hurt. Not just from the Samba/Pole dancing classes I am taking. From lugging around heavy cardstock I bought from Staples. Mr. J and I decided that we wanted each guest to have a fan, seeing as how we're getting married outside in August. Our ceremony & reception space is shaded by two beautiful trees, but that doesn't mean it's not going to be hot. At first we were going to do fans and programs, then fans and no programs, and now we are at the fan program idea. I purchased blue cardstock for about $15 from staples (250 sheets, bought 2 packs). We are making 140 fans, possibly more and wanted to have enough paper to do a trial and in case there are any mistakes. I will also buy some purple ribbon to tie around the fan sticks. I had purchased fan sticks previously online (can't remember the website, but I got more than enough for very cheap).

If you're thinking about doing the fan program, either the paddle version like the photo above or the panel fan, visit this DIY website which has great directions and templates! I'm going with the rectangle program because it's the easiest and we can use our paper cutter. I'm also going to use the image I drew of Mr. J and I as a stick-figure bride and groom and mimic our invitations. Our invitation cover has the stick figure drawing of the two of us at the spot we met and underneath it says "Boy Met Girl." The invitation opens up and to a picture of the two of us (yes, I drew myself with locks and bigger boobs than I actually have) dressed as a bride and groom and says, "To read the rest of our story..." and continues with the rest of the text. We are going with a book/literature theme, so I want to continue the invitation drawings onto our fans and have it say "Boy & Girl Marry" (rather than boy marries girl because hey, we're both marrying each other!).

My best friend is coming into town next week from Florida so I'll make sure to put her to work getting started on the fans :)

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