Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Talk

My mom wants a grandchild. His mom wants a grandchild. (They both have no grandchildren). My dad just had a baby with his wife, I have a 5-month old half-sister. I invited my mother and sister to lunch a while ago and they thought I invited them to make a big announcement. Went to dinner with my aunt and cousin and they also thought I was going to make a big announcement.

I'm not pregnant! And most likely will not be pregnant anytime soon. I love babies and I do want children, I'd like to start trying next year. Mr. J could wait longer, however he's not the one who'd have to carry said baby and is four years younger than me, and he has the luxury of being a man and could wait another 10 years and probably not have any issues.

The point is, I hate when people ask "When are you going to start a family?" We officially started our family on August 8, 2009, though our family began before that.

Whenever I see a baby, I do want it. But right now I'm all about borrowing babies to get that fresh baby smell and then giving them back to their mommas.



oooh "the baby talk" husband wants a child right this second! lol

Sweet Tooth said...

I love it. This is exactly what I get from all my family. My cousin which got married a week after us got pregnant right away so I heard it from my dad's side of the family. Now my other cousin which got married a week before us is pregnant and now I'm getting it from my mom's side of the family. People I haven't even graduated from college. Give me a break. :D

Pastry Gurl said...

Darn can you and your hubby live a little, but they're just happy for yall :-)

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Good for you, stay your course.