Monday, August 17, 2009

DIYing Was Worth the Hard Work!

photo by Nisha Sondhe

I cropped this one show bouquets

I wanted to share this picture of my bouquet and my bridesmaids' bouquets because I've been receiving lots of compliments from our guests about how they loved how personalized our wedding was. People left with a better sense of who Mr. & Mrs. J are as people and as a couple. In future blog entries I'll post our ceremony, our vows, and all the other unique Mr. & Mrs. J touches that we included. Having a wedding is not a competition, but I'll admit it does feel great when people tell us, "Best wedding I've ever been to," or "Top 3 of all the weddings I've been to." To me it says that all the hard work we did meant paid off.

My bouquet was very simple, dried lavender and artificial baby's breath, which I wrapped in purple ribbon and attached three quotes from love poems to. For the bridesmaid bouquet's I made all of the girls an initial bookmark, which I tied to the lavender stems. Lavender was great because the bouquets will actually last for a very long time. All the centerpieces that had lavender in them were taken by guests (in fact, the bamboo mats we used, donated books from our bookshelves, framed photos, and LED candles were taken by guests) which made break down after the reception easier.

During the planning process I was second-guessing myself all the time about decisions we made, "Is this too out there?" or "Will our guests like this?" when the reality is that almost everything we did that was "outside the box" and special to us, was what made our wedding so touching and memorable to people.


Myra said...

It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding. I'm so proud of you for doing what you wanted to do and for not letting anyone else dictate what your special day would look like...

Anisah said...

Very true. It was amazing, truly unique.

Kamilah said...

Hi. I'm a BK resident and I live a few block from Akwaaba Mansion. I'm considering having my wedding there next year, but I'm not sure about how to arrange the reception for 80 people. Would you mind having an e-mail chat with me about your own ceremony and reception?
Thanks. Kamilahduggins {at} yahoo {dot} com

ColorCoated said...

I love love love your bouquets! They're so unique and pretty and the color is nice too. I bet they smelled great!

good job!